Friday, March 14, 2008

Audrey and Auston so cute, and matching!

Audrey and her cousin Hailey

Auston and his cousin Taylor

Auston, Audrey, and their friend Kaleigh

Well, Audrey found an arm rest!

Well, its been a long time since we've updated our blog, so I thought I'd finally sit down and do it. We have been having a lot of fun in the past couple of months, and a lot of firsts! We had the twins' blessings, we went to Arizona for Spring Training with the Cubs, which was the twins first trip, the twins first smiled and giggled, and they had their first play dates, Their first BYU game, as well as all of the fun things that go along with watching the twins grow! Our trip to Arizona was a lot of fun, we stayed with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Loretta out in the desert and saw some really fun wildlife, including jackrabbits, a coyote, and tons of different birds! We watched the Cubs play two games, and they won both (yay!), all while it was almost 80 degrees outside! We loved it! While down there, we also saw my Uncle Dick and Aunt Suzy, and my brother Derek and his kids Talyn and Tyvan. The twins did really well on the trip, and we didn't have any problems, except for a little accidental detour we took on our way home, due to my faulty directions :). Auston and Audrey's blessings went really well, and we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped out and came to it! Steve did a really great job, and afterwards we had a really nice lunch at Mark and Gainell's! The twins' first playdates were with our friends, Trevan and Megan, and there little girl Kaleigh who was born a month after them, and then my friend Charee came down with her little girl Chloe, who was born three days after them. It was so cute to see them all together! We'll put pictures on the next post. Also the twins went to their first BYU basketball game, so that was fun! They both really like to watch basketball, both in person and on tv, which has me a little worried! The twins are both smiling and giggling now, and it is just so dang cute! They are so much fun, it's amazing how every day you love them just a little bit more than before! It's going to be hard though, in two weeks, Steve and I will be going out to visit schools in Illinois, Virginia, and Washington D.C., and the twins are staying behind. Hopefully we survive, since after driving to Arizona, I went about 4 hours without holding them at a time and I was missing them! I know, its pathetic, but what can I say? But it'll be good for Steve and I, and we are really excited to finally see these places and start deciding where we want to go! Anyway, so that's all that's going on in our lives right now. And I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed us! We love ya!