Monday, July 27, 2009

The trips we've taken in the past 2 months:

The past two months have been super busy, we've tried to cram everything in, because our thinking is, this is our last summer here, so we need to see everything that's within driving distance while we're here. So we have. And it's been crazy. Ok, maybe not everything, but a lot. So here are the trips, and later I'll post the fun things, (and our trip this past weekend to Nauvoo for Pioneer Day), that we've done here in Champaign.
(Believe it or not, there are fun things to do here!)

For Father's Day, we went to Indianapolis for the weekend. We left Champaign while the tornado warning sirens were going off, and as soon as
we got into our hotel room in downtown Indy, the sirens started going off again. The tornado had followed us there, and the whole time driving we had some crazy weather. But the next day turned out beautiful and we had a great time! We went to the NCAA Hall of Champions and the Zoo, where they had a great dolphin show! Unfortunately, shortly after arriving at the zoo, in the middle of the dolphin show, our camera died. But we still had fun!
The dolphin show
The bears

The monkeys (Audrey's favorite)

Playing at the Hall of Champions
On the bridge connecting the Zoo to downtown
For the 4th of July weekend, we went to Springfield with some friends for Lincoln's 200th birthday celebration. It was so awesome, visiting the places where Lincoln had been, he was such a great man. We had a great time with our friends, even if the fireworks did get rained out on the 4th. We ended up coming home early on Sat and had a indoor BBQ at our place, complete with sparklers, and the next day they did the fireworks. Luckily, we could see the fireworks from our backyard, so it worked out perfectly!
Lincoln's tomb

Outside of Lincoln's tomb (it's really impressive)

"Lincoln" giving a speech on the steps of the old capitol
(Steve was experimenting with our camera)

Our family with Lincoln

The Ladies of our group with Lincoln and Mary Todd
l-r: Me and Audrey, Melanie and Paige, Stephanie and Ellis

Our group on the lawn of the Old Capitol watching the totally awesome laser show
(I'm a bit sacrcastic :) I think the laser show was made in the 90's, but the Cold Stone ice cream made it totally worth it) It really was fun

Standing in front of Lincoln's house

The exact desk in the exact place in Lincoln's room that he wrote "A House Divided" on

Watching the fireworks on our lawn

Steve's a co-pres, with our friend James, of the Federalist Society in the Law School, and as a result, he was able to go back to D.C. for a Federalist convention, and had a great experience!

He met Orrin Hatch, a Federalist Soc. member

and Justice Clarence Thomas, of the Supreme Court, also a Federalist
Our friends, Greg and Katie, invited all of us law school friends to go camping at Greg's parents' farm in Northern IL, and let me just say, it was Awesome! His family has this huge farm (that's been in his family since the mid-1800's), and in the middle of the corn fields, they have this grove of trees with this large field mowed down where you can camp. Greg and Katie planned and did everything, the food, games, and even fogged the place so there were no bugs. It was completely perfect! Thanks so much you guys, we had a blast!
Daddy, Auston, and James playing some 'tunes 'round the campfire

Mommy and Audrey

Ring around the rosy....

We all fall down!

Taking a walk through the grove

Swimming at Greg's parents' house, the perfect way to end a camping trip

Holding Auston and our friends' baby, Liam

Playing basketball
(I think Audrey's about to commit a flagrant foul)