Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are SO proud of you Daddy!!

Well, Last week, Steve went to Hong Kong to compete in the International Competition for Client Counseling, and out of 22 countries, he and his team-mate James took 3rd! We are so proud of them, they did such a great job and really did a great job of representing our country! They also had a great missionary experience, where they were able to hand out 61 Books of Mormon, pretty amazing! I'll have him tell about that experience, because it's much better in his own words :). We are so excited he's home, we all really missed him! My mom was able to come out and spend the week with us while he was gone, and I am so thankful she did! We had so much fun with her, spending time in St. Louis, doing/finishing projects, shopping, and just hanging out. Pictures will come really soon, I just wanted to make this quick post to let you all know what we've been up to and how Steve did in Hong Kong. Congrats again Daddy! We love you!