Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Quarterly Update

Well, we had a crazy summer and it has not let up now that Law school is in session. I, Steve, am doing the update because I am family-less. Kristen, Auston and Audrey are in Utah visiting family while I get settled in to school. Here is a picture recap of some of the stuff the you missed because you weren’t in the Beautiful Midwest:


IMG_0427 IMG_0426

The Kids had great time playing like the pioneers. They are the cutest pioneers I’ve ever see.


I met my match in the stick pull!

IMG_0410IMG_0468 IMG_0518

It was great to go to such a beautiful Temple and Pageant. We were reminded of the sacrifices of those who came before and were strengthened in our efforts to be better.

The Bloomington, Illinois Children’s Museum


Our little scientists!

IMG_0583 IMG_0602

They had an awesome time exploring everything, Sadly I wasn’t able to go, but I heard it was fun!

IMG_0636 IMG_0639

The Circus