Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break, Chicago, Easter, Oh My

Well, here's a quick update on our past month or so and I'll get to the pictures. Spring Break, we just took it easy, but we did do a day trip to Nauvoo with our friends, the Bednars, and were able to go to the temple and see some of the great sites :) The temple is beautiful, we had a lot of fun!
The following weekend, we went to Chi
cago and met up with Steve's parents and brother, who were there for a conference. We stayed up there for the weekend, and had a blast! We did shopping on the Magnificent Mile, ate at some really great resteraunts, went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Wrigley Field, and the Field Museum. It so much fun, and the best part was seeing Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Scott!
Easter was fun, except for the fact that Audrey and
Steve were sick, and I was in charge of our big Primary Easter activity, but other than that, it was great!
The kids are growing up so fast, they both are walking around and getting into everythi
ng, talking and jabbering away! They're so much fun, I love watching them figure things out and put things together. The other day, I started singing "Old McDonald", Audrey was singing along going "E-I-E-I-E-I....", when I got to the horse, Auston just got up and walked out of the room, and I could hear him in his room moving things around, then he comes walking in holding his toy horse! I was so surprised and proud of him! He's so smart, they both are! Anyway, enough jabbering, here's the pictures, which I know is the reason you all came here. Enjoy!

Nauvoo Temple
The kids love the playground, once they're there, we can't get them away

Chicago, We back the bid! (for the Olympics)

The view from Grandma, Grandpa, and Scott's hotel room. Ya gotta love Lake Michigan!

Auston's pointing something out to Audrey, not sure what...

So much fun at the Zoo!
Here's a really cool video of the lion roaring, be sure to mute the music before you push play

Here, the monkeys were going crazy, swinging around and fighting, and one of them only had one arm, it was amazing to see him swinging. The kids loved them!

With Sue, the T-Rex, at the Field Museum

Easter Time!

They loved the balls we got them

and their "house"!
Easter best!