Sunday, December 13, 2009

What the Halloween in December?

Surprise, Surprise we are over a month late in updating our blog.Oh well, I promise it was worth the wait. From Halloween Costumes, to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, the pictures are cute and kids are cuter.  Plus-  IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!! So let’s get right into the pictures!

Halloween! IMG_0399IMG_0400 






The cutest Witch and Wizard on the Block. Auston’s Costume is hand-made, by Kristen.

New York City and THE Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


You can see we had a great time in the Big Apple with Steve’s sister Minde and her family.

IMG_0454 IMG_0464

Skating in Rockefeller Center, and Steve And Kristen in the Central Park Mall, Yes the Mall is in any Chick-flick set in NYC.IMG_0467 IMG_0468

 IMG_0580The World Famous Brooklyn Bridge!IMG_0585

Jimmy Fallon is an old friend, I mean, Look- He’s pointing right at us. He was looking the other way, but Steve started to scream, “Jimmy!, Jimmy! We love you!” So we became friends. Oh and it was a little packed.


Santa rolled into town and ushered in the best time of Year! It was so awesome to be right down on the front row of the Parade. The clowns would come right up to Audrey and give her a handful of confetti, both the kids loved it.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Kristen’s maternal instinct was needed to keep a tenacious Grandma at bay. We were standing there, enjoying the parade, when we started feeling major elbows in our back. We tried to ignore it, but when the pushing got so bad that Kristen almost fell on top of our kids and two other families’ kids we had made friends with from standing there for two hours before the parade. The instincts kicked in and Kristen turned to this old lady that had pushed her way up till she was between Minde and Tyler and us,(mind you, this wasn’t your typical sweet looking old grandma, this looked like a mean, mean grandma, so don’t start thinking “How mean of Kristen”), and said “Look, I can’t go up any further. We are as far up as we’re going to go, and there’s no way you’re going to cut in front of us and separate us from our children.” We then turned around to continue enjoying the parade, and again, elbows in our back. Kristen turned around and asked “Seriously? You’re going to keep pushing?” This Grandma then uses the lame excuse saying “ I’m trying to let my Granddaughter see” and her Granddaughter looks like she’s about 13 and she could care less about anything going on around her. And then we notice that this Grandma is using her to push through, she’s got her arms around her neck with her elbows poking out so she can push her way through. So Kristen says, “See that family behind you? They are with us, but you’ve pushed your way through so that now we’re divided and they can’t even see the parade now.” That’s when this lady next Kristen, who had also been getting pushed, starts going off on this lady, saying “That’s right, they got here at 6 o’clock to save places and have waited here this whole time with their kids to save a spot, and here you just barely get here and you push your way through, separating them from each other, and you think that’s ok? Now they can’t enjoy the parade together.” Then the Grandma starts going off saying something about this is Thanksgiving and we’re not being very giving, blah blah blah, and the lady starts yelling back about how it is Thanksgiving and the grandma has ruined all of ours, and they yell back and forth for a little longer, well, the Grandma didn’t just give up, she tried to go around Steve. But Steve just stuck out his elbows. So the Grandma says the same thing, “My grandkid can’t see.” Steve just looked at her and said, look, My two years olds are up there and you are not going to separate me from me kids, you could have come earlier.” The grandma again tries to elbow through, but Steve just stood there with his elbows out for the rest of the parade. Crazy old tenacious New York Grandma! Sure it was a long story, but so worth reading, right?


This is the Origami Christmas tree at the Museum of Natural History. All of its ornaments are Origami and they have examples from all the exhibits in the Museum, It was named one of the 10 Must-See-Christmas trees, Yeah we saw two, Rockefeller and the Origami Tree.

We also think our tree is a must see!

IMG_0643 IMG_0648

Birthday Pics to come soon . . . before Christmas . . . We Promise!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!