Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cute Pictures!

Flexing for the camera

Chewing, not sucking, on his pacifier

Playing paddy-cake, sang the right way (inside joke)
Bad hair day


I've done this same pose so many times in school
Audrey tilts her head all the time, it's so cute!

Our friends Eli and Stephanie came over and Audrey and Auston had fun playing with their little girl Ellis

Auston and Audrey all tuckered out after playing with Ellis

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So last weekend was Labor Day weekend, and for us, it really was a Labor Day. We decided to put up our fence around our backyard, and it proved to be more difficult than we originally thought, especially since our yard turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. Luckily, though, we had a TON of help from all of our new friends here. Funny story, Steve rented an auger to help dig the fence posts and he decided to have the missionaries, who were helping, poor guys, dig the first hole. Well, they just so happened to cut our neighbor's phone line. And that was how we introduced ourselves to them. Great, huh? Then, a couple holes later, the same phone line was cut. Even better. Well, it all turned out ok, the phone line was fixed, and we didn't end up having to pay for it. We were so happy. Anyway, our fence turned out Awesome and we Love it! So a big thank you to everyone that helped! You're the best!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crazy Audrey

In an effort to love and praise our children equally here is a video with Audrey as the main feature. We Don't know where Audrey learned this, must be something in the water out here. We think this is so funny, maybe that 's why she does it so much!

Hey Everyone! This is a really funny video of Auston eating turkey for the first time. It's so funny! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Slideshow

As you can probably see, we have added "Slideshow of the Unspecified Time Period". You may have also noted that we haven't been able to update our blog regularly, so we can't promise that the slideshow will be changed at any regular interval, hence, the name of the slideshow.
Well, this slideshow is of our recent trip to Hawaii with my (Steve's) family. We had the best time. It was a great way to connect with my family before we left Utah. The twins were with Kristen's parents so we had a true vacation. We loved it and are definitely going to make it back there, but probably not too soon. We saw Kristen's sister, Paige, and brother-in-law, Joe, as well as their kids, Joey, Andrew, Mike, and Becca who had recently moved there. Hawaii was absolutely wonderful.

The next slideshow will be of our family reunion in Yellowstone with Kristen's family, so check back because you never know when we'll update the slideshow!

By the way you can click on any picture to see it bigger.