Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Utah: Part Two...

So big! Swinging at Gma and Gpa Rogers' house

Riding Lady, my parent's sheep, she is so sweet, Auston loved her! Muttin' Bustin' here we come! (It's where all the little kids ride sheep at the beginning of Strawberry Days Rodeo in PG, in case you were wondering)
Swinging at Gma and Gpa Ririe's house
Gpa Ririe

We went to Gardiner Village with our friends, Andrew and Missy, and the kids loved the petting zoo!

We went to Idaho falls for Dave (Steve's brother) and Britten's sealing. It was so beautiful, Congrats you guys! Here are 10 of the 13 grandkids:
Audrey with Taylor and Hailey
(poor Hailey broke her leg, but she got to get a cute pink cast)

We were able to stop in Rexburg and see my brother Seth and his cute family
l-r: Audrey, Paige, Auston, Ethan, Cole, Olivia, and baby Hazel

Yellowstone and all the buffalo

Old Faithful

The Stroller Brigade at Yellowstone:
Auston, Hailey, Taylor, and Audrey

Monday, June 1, 2009

Here's what we've been up to...Part One...(warning: lots of pics!)

This past month has been pretty busy, with Steve doing finals, getting together with friends before everyone leaves, and then going to Utah for two weeks. Busy but so much fun! (Except for the finals part :) ) Oh, and our anniversary was thrown in there also, which was fun too :) Here are some pics of all the fun we've been having!

We had a BBQ with the J. Reuben Clark Law Society (the LDS students) at Prof. Stancil's house. We're really going to miss all of our friends, the Parrys, Andersons, Logsdons, Watkins, and Gutkes, who have graduated and are moving away to start their real-life adult lives :) Congratulations everyone!Here's a picture of our last girls night out all together. Every week we'd get together for a movie night and/or craft night, and we had so much fun!
Playing on the computer: Laney, Auston, and Audrey
Steve's up-to-bat in the law school softball tourny
Watching Daddy play softball, one of our favorite things :)(It was a long day)
Where's Auston and Audrey?
Caught ya!

Little Miss Cool
Just like his dad, he can sleep anytime, anywhere!
After arriving in Utah, we went swimming at our neighbor's pool and we had so much fun!
Audrey found the googles and loved having them on! She didn't even try to take them off :)
For Steph's (Steve's sister) husband Spencer's birthday, we went to Crown Burger and a Bee's game in Salt Lake, and had a blast! Here are the four cousins who were born within six months of each other: Audrey, Hailey, Auston, and Taylor. They're quite the troublemakers when they all get together!
Audrey couldn't stop dancing, everytime a little clip of music came on, she'd start shaking! It was pretty darn cute when her cousin Taylor joined in!

With Aunt Stephy
The Pink Ladies: Hailey, Gma Rogers, and Audrey
There will be more pictures to come in the next couple of days. Our camera broke, so since I don't have any pictures besides the ones from our trip, I'm trying to stretch these out till we get a new one. Recommondations on which camera to get?