Friday, January 29, 2010

Time For a Little Catch Up!

Ok, now you know that we don’t keep promises made on the Blog . . . You really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Since it’s been forever since we last updated, I thought we might be due for one  :). We had a great time over the Holidays, and it all was kicked off with Auston and Audrey’s birthday! We had their party at an indoor playground nearby with all of their friends, and they had such a great time :).

IMG_0747 IMG_0730

They turned 2 years old and it almost seems like they instantly grew up! They just started talking a ton, putting words together into sentences and saying the cutest things! It seems like everyday I’m cracking up at something they said. For example, the other day Audrey’s tummy was hurting, and she let us know by telling us “My button’s hurting” (meaning her belly button). It was so cute, poor thing. IMG_0751 Audrey’s actually more talkative than Auston, but he’s constantly making me laugh, with the funny faces he makes and mischief he gets into. Audrey has a very strong little personality and definitely knows what she likes, wants, dislikes, etc. She’s so funny. Auston is a little sweetheart, (most of the time), but he’s also a little IMG_0687 troublemaker. He climbs on everything, is constantly throwing balls, as well as other things, (and he actually has a pretty good arm), but don’t you worry, Audrey’s always right there to help him with whatever trouble he’s getting into, and then to come get me and tell on him right after (don’t worry, I know the real story going on here). It’s pretty funny. Anyway, I could talk forever about these two, and you’ll probably hear a lot more about them in the future, but I’ll move on to finish updating!

Before we left for Utah, we had an Ugly Sweater and Mustache party with all of our friends here, which was so fun. Steve won one of the prizes, and looking at his picture, you’ll see why (he kind of looks like a creepy 40 year old man, no offense to any 40 year old men out there, or Steve for that matter :) Love you Babe!). So here some pics:

IMG_0768 IMG_0765 IMG_0772 IMG_0775

We then drove out to Utah (thank heavens for the dvd player and Cinderella, Audrey’s favorite! Although we can now quote the movie almost by heart) We had such a great time out there (see the albums below), spending time with our families and seeing friends, it was so awesome! We shopped, went on dates (finally!), went to the temple, went snowshoeing (actually really fun), went skiing (well, Steve did), saw movies in the actual movie theater, and had a great Christmas and New Years. We loved our time in Utah and were sad to leave, but it was nice to come home, and another fun thing is that we actually bought Steve’s brother’s van, so now we have two cars :).

Now why did we buy the van, you might be asking. Well, here’s the most exciting news of all, WE’RE EXPECTING!!! That’s right, we are 20 wks along (half way there!), and we found out yesterday we’re expecting a boy!!! He’s due June 20th, right in the middle of Steve’s internship in Indianapolis, so we’ll see how that all works out :) Indy’s about 2 hrs away, so hopefully he can drive really fast! (I have to stay in Illinois because of insurance) Anyway, we’re super excited, even though we’ll be one of those fun families with 3 kids under the age of 3. Yee-haw!

Anyway, so there’s our update! Sorry so long, but we had a lot to include :)