Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Move to Champaign, IL
My sister Amber came out with us, she rode with me and the twins while Steve drove the moving truck, and it was so much fun! She helped us so much and we are so grateful that she came out with us! On our way out, we stayed in Fort Collins, CO, where my sister Kendall and brother Theron live with their families and we were able to spend some time with them, which was so fun! We then continued on, staying the next night in Missouri, and then stopping to see the Carthage Jail and Nauvoo, and then finally arrived in Champaign. It was a really long trip, (and very emotional on my end), but we made it and we love it!
Steve and I getting ready to go at his parents' house
Amber, me, and Steve in front of our huge truck (the twins were already loaded up in the car)My brother Theron and I

Me, my sister-in-law Marla, my sister Kendall, my sister Amber, and my nephew Cameron My brother and his family decorated our truckOur family in front of Carthage JailStanding in front of statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith at CarthageGraves of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum in Nauvoo

The Nauvoo Temple

Us in front of the Temple

We're going to go kind of backwards. Here are pictures of our house here in Champaign. We haven't completely finished painting and putting pictures, drapes, shelves, etc., but we love it! Sorry, there's a ton of pictures, but you know me, perfectionist that I am, can't leave anything out! (It's a curse)

Living Room

Hallway to garage and laundry room/bathroom
We took the mirror off our dresser and hung it in our living room, just in case some of you were wondering. (Or maybe you weren't...) We're almost done!

Hey Everyone! So I've finally gotten around to loading all of our pictures, so now I can finally post them! Yay! Anyway, so here they are

Thursday, August 21, 2008


What a crazy last couple of months. We made it to Champaign. I'm going through law school orientation and so far I think that I'm in the right place. We are setting up our new house. We'll take some pictures and post them. Don't worry, more pictures of the twins will be posted too! Stay tuned, we'll update soon.